Miscellaneous Stories


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All of these stories are based on characters created by Service and Games (SEGA), and on characters created by Archie Comic Publications, Inc.

Miscellaneous Alternative Universes
The stories listed here, as of yet, do not fit into any of the universes named above in any believable way. However, they are still wonderful stories none the less (or I wouldn't have posted them) so please browse around and enjoy.
Black Angel
Sonic's heart and soul is possessed by the Black Anel, causing him to kill and feed o nthe flesh of others. How with Knothole deal with this new danger? Author: Kiki Danger
Battle of the cyborgs
when sonic and crew go to Robotropolis, they get a nasty surprise when they find powerful cybborgs in the city's defence. Will they eescape with their lives? Maybe...Maybe not. author: Derek Barbee
Like Water for Kimble
Kimble Armada, a manx, is introduced in this story as she escapes Robotropolis. With Sonic's help, she is taken from Robotnik, after a brief but dramatic encounter. Part one of _All_is_Fair_in_Love_and_War_. Author: Jeanette Merrell
All is Fair in Love and War, Part 2
Description forthcoming. Author: Jeanette Merrell
Jaded Views
The Freedom Fighters find a strange trio of badgers in the Great Forest, and, upon investigation, re-enact a scene from a SquareSoft game. This story is not for hardcore fans; this is mainly humor, and there are a bunch of characters you've never seen before, most of whom you'll never see again. Authors: Thaddeus Boyd and Stephen Tramer
Blue Flames
A friend of the Freedom Fighters is banished to Earth by Robotnik's forces. Suffering amnesia, he finds a new life fighting robots that plague the alien planet. This story is more mainstream than Jaded Views; there's little humor, and the majority of third-party characters are those guaranteed to return later. Authors: Thaddeus Boyd and Brent Roberts
The Hunt Begins
Another Prodigy story. This time it's a flash back and we get to see lots of different things, from how Tasils joined the Freedom Fighters to Packbell's origin, mixed together with both a few jokes and lots of adventure. Author: Thaddeus Boyd
Of Foxes and Sorcery
A story about how a lonely Tails learns of his destiny to be Guardian of one of the Chaos Emeralds of Control, how he learns of it, and the two-tailed squirrel who must teach him amidst attacks from Snively and her own feelings for another stranger who arrives in Knothole... Author: Aaron Lye
As the Wheel Turns
This story takes place ten years into the future. Sonic and Sally are married, and all is at peace...until a controversial decision splits the races of Mobius and drives them into the first civil war in history. Author: Aaron Lye
Metal Fox
Ten years after the destruction of Knothole, the rebellion against Snively the Great rages on. During these times comes a fox with a forgotten past, Robotizized by Snively and rescued by the Freedom Fighters. This is his story. Author: Ryan Fields
Lost Time
Life as a Freedom fighter in these times is rough, but the one known as Metalfox toughs it out. Enter Dulcy, the dragon the raised him like a son is back again to find Metal after he disappears. Author: Ryan Fields
Postcards from Mobius
A selection of three short stories discussing various aspects on Mobian life. From Ducly's history to Tails' growth and maturity. Enjoy. Author: Richard Ray Roberts
Cold Deceptions
After the Princess is captured, Robotnik makes a good attempt to convince the Freedom fighters that she's been robotizized into a lethal killing machine. Author: Simon Howes
RL 10
They're human, but they don't live on Earth; they don't seem the hero type either and didn't come to Mobius on purpose. What's more, Robotnik doesn't like them, and the Freedom Fighters think they work for him. Jonathan Righter and Marken Psantis are about to learn the meaning of RL10:Tortured Freedom. Part 1 of a Trilogy Author: Simon Howes
This one's good when you need a good laugh or a serious break from the traditional stories... First, though, let me say that my representation in this story is nothing near to the person that I really am...at least I'm not willing to admit to anything right now... ;) Author: Simon Howes
Other Sonics
Medival Sonic! It an adventure far in the past featuring your favorite Sonic characters. Author: Robert Haynie