The Stories of

Serinthia Draftwood


All of the stories listed are protected under copyright law by their respective authors

All of these stories are based on characters created by Service and Games (SEGA), and on characters created by Archie Comic Publications, Inc.

Character Profiles
This file contains the profiles of three original characters that I developed for my story series: Bookshire Draftwood, Cmdr. Packbell, and Sandra Nightweaver.

Happy Solstice
A story that tells the true meaning of the Solstice Holiday celebrated by Mobians everywhere. Todd and his mother spend a happy solstice together a year before the coup.

Bunnie Rabbot
In this story we find how Bunnie Rabbot was first robotizized.

Tails' Tale
In this story, we find out how Tails first joined the freedom fighters.

Ill Will
Tails and Princess Sally are taken prisoner by Dr. Robotnik. On top of that, Tails is seriously ill. Can Sonic rescue them before it's too late?

Merry Chirstmas
In this story, originally written in Dec. '94, while the freedom fighters celebrate the holidays, Robotnik's forces have almost discovered the location of Knothole.

The Storm
The Freedom Fighters, Packbell, Robotnik, and Sandra Nightweaver must all brace themselves for a worldwide hurricane of intense proportions. They each deal with it in their own way and have a couple near death experiences along the way. Enjoy!

The Power of Love
This is a story of romance. It's the story of Bunnie and Rotor as they admit their love to one another. Co-Author: Morgan Ingersoll

The Experiment
In this story, the evil Packbell has developed a terrible machine to unleash on the world. Will the Freedom fighters be able to stop him from using it?

Todd has returned. For those of you who don't know the name, read "On my Mother's grave" by Kris Kelley. In either case, when Tails is agonizing over the death of his friend, David Prower develops a plan to bring Todd back to life. Co-author: Craig Fox

Tails is getting frustrated that he can't go on any of the missions, and so he goes for a walk in the forest. When he meets a strange wolf with strange candy, his world turns upside down. Creative Consultant: Craig Fox

Power Play
Something short and simple. The Robotropolis power generators are offline and the freedom fighters have a prime chance to take them down.