The Stories of

Robert Brown & Francis Tolbert


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The Universe of Robert Brown and Francis Tolbert
The stories contained herein are exclusively written by the above named authors. I give them their own universe partially for personal reasons, but also because I find their stories, both wonderful, and unique enough to have a universe all their own.
Love Recaptured
Well...just when we all thought that Antoine would never get a girlfriend, he gets one. ;) Actually this story is the first of several which explores the idea of Antoine and bunnie being in love. Enjoy. Authors: Robert Brown & Francis Tolbert
A Rabbot's Tail
Here's the next part. This time we find out how Bunnie got Robotizized and we also explore a little more of Bunnie and Antoine's relationship. Authors: Robert Brown & Francis Tolbert
Princes Sondra Acorn
A mysterious starnger arrives in Knothole unconcious...combined with a vision, Sally becomes determined to join her father in the Void. Sonic's got to stop her. Need I say more? Authors: Robert Brown & Francis Tolbert
The Tanak' Shi-rat
Aontoine and Bunnie are getting closer, Sonic and Sally are getting closer....but now, Sondra and Tails begin to develop feelings for one another and it's up to Sonic and Sally to lay out the facts of life for them. For guidance, Sonic seeks out the Tanak' Shi-rat...and finds the unexpected. Authors: Robert Brown & Francis Tolbert
The Weakest Link
Snively decides to strike aganst the freedom fighters by eliminating their weakest link. The creature taht he sends out to do this know Antoine quite well and the battle that follows is intense. Authors: Robert Brown & Francis Tolbert
Crystalline Beauty
Sondra ponders the truth about her creation and, with the help of the Freedom Fighters, confronts the evils of the Void and rescues Nauge and King Acorn...bu perhaps at the cost of her own on! Authors: Robert Brown & Francis Tolbert
A Difficult Choice
A romantic evening between Bunnie and Antoine get's ruined when Bunnie accidently crushes Antoine's ribs. Angry at her Robotic limbs, Bunnie wishes she could get rid of them...maybe she'll get her wish... Authors: Robert Brown & Francis Tolbert
The Roads Taken
Chirstmas approaches on Mobius...and so does Sondra's birthday. Meanwhile it seems that perhaps there are those that are ready to commit treason because of Sondra's origins and her link to the thrown. Meanwhile, parts of Donovan's past are revealed while Rosie and Tanis rekindle an old relationship. authors: Robert Brown & Francis Tolbert
A Hedgehog Captured
Deep in the midst of winter... Usually, when a freedom fighter is in danger, sonic comes charging to the rescue. This time, when it's Sonic himself, that is captured, Sally must go to Robotropolis to free him...which bumbs out Sonic totally. Authors: Robert Brown & Francis Tolbert
Sonic's Journey
Sonic goes off on his own to find himself. On the way, he runs into his long, lost parents, and they're in real hot water, battling/running from an ancient spirit. Will they survive? Read on. Authors: Robert Brown & Francis Tolbert
The Weight of the World
Sally's beginning to think that maybe Sondra isn't taking her position very seriously. Sondra's capabilities are put to the test, however, when Sally is captured and Robotizized and it then falls on her to lead the Freedom Fighters. Authors: Robert Brown & Francis Tolbert
Magical Nights
It's a good day in KnotHole. Sonic and Antoine are up to something, but only they know what...but it'll certainly be a day the neither Bunnie nor sally willever forget. Authors: Robert Brown & Francis Tolbert
The Return of the King
Well, the King is back, but he's not acting like his old, cheerful self. When he attempts to lead an assault on Robotropolis, they find that the evil of the Void has a hold on his mind. Meanwhile, Sonic's mother isn't feeling too well...what could be possibly causing it? Authors: Robert Brown & Francis Tolbert
KnotHole IN Chaos
Well, it's the big day. The weddings of Sonic and Sally and Antoine and Bunnie. Un fortunately, there is no peace for the Freedom Fighters when the RAce for the Emeralds begins... Authors: Robert Brown & Francis Tolbert
Dormant Fires
The Race for the Emeralds is on when the Fire Emerald is spotted in a Volcano. It's up to the Freedom Figthers to get it before Robotnik does. Can they do it? The answer may surprise you. Authors: Robert Brown & Francis Tolbert
Blood is Thicker Than Water
This time the Water Emerald is up for grabs when an old friend shows up at Knothole with it. Unfortunately, the Emrald needs to be fought for, so just when the Freedom Fighters are celebrating they find, there's nothing to cheer about just yet... A uthors: Roboert Brown & Francis Tolbert
To Be Evergreen
On her way back from Robotropolis, Lydia comes across Dorian, a former traitor, severely inujured. When she takes him back to Knothole, tensions rise, and both Sally and Lydia need to keep violence from breaking out. Authors: Robert Brown & Francis Tolbert
Earthly Balance
Donovan returns and he's constructed an illusionary and deadly maze, at the center of which is supposedly a chaos emerald. Both Robotnik abnd Sally must try to make it through the maze. You'd be suprised who gets there irst, but is there really an Emerald in there? Authors: Roboert Brown & Francis Tolbert