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Dan Drazen


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Dan Drazen's Miscellaneous Stories
Most of Dan Drazen's works fit into either the Main or Secondary Universes. Those that don'can be found here. :)
Mobius Apocalypse
The Freedom Fighters are slowly falling apart, some getting injured, some getting killed. Only a supreme sacrifice on Sally's part may be able to save them all...
My Quills Are Quick
An Alternative Sonic Universe like no other. If you're a fan of those old 1930's era detecitves then give this a try! Even if you're not, it's a good story none the less.
She Knew That the Hand was Upon Her
In this crossover story, it's the future of Mobius. The government has joined with the United Federation of Planets. Queen Sally grows older and older and feels death approaching. Before she goes, though, she'll ahve the chance to square things aw ay with her granddaughter who gave up the throne for a career in StarFleet.