The Story Continues....

"Sally? SALLLLLLLY!" Sonic called.

Sonic had looked for Sally in her hut but she was not there. Now he was trying what he thought to be a more effective method, bellowing.

"SALLLY!" He yelled. His voice had caught the attention of a few Knothole residents who stared at him.

Sonic noticed Bunnie and Sandra walking up through the village together.

"Hey! You guys, where's Sal?" He asked.

"Probably givin' Antoine a back rub!" Sandra put her figure in her mouth and pretended to suck it. "Mmmmmmmm!"

"Sandra!" Exploded Bunnie "Sonic ain't ever gonna get over da shock if ya keep being such a twit! He needs support not sarcasm!"

"Naaa, it's OK Sandra," Sonic however did seem hurt.

"Hey, ‘twas just a joke, 'm sorry!" Sandra half apologized.

"Your just jealous!" Said Bunnie "Dulcy told ma how ya would love to be da one giving Antoine da back rubs!"

"You and Ant!" Sonic fell to the floor in mock laughter his bitterness forgotten for the time being.

"Hey! I never liked 'im he's a loser!"

"You mean a lover!" That was Sonic's contribution.

Sandra's claws were exposed. For once she had lost control.

"Seriously Sandra," Asked Bunnie. " What d'ya see in 'im?"

Sonic expected Sandra to answer with a smart response but he was surprised.

"Well," Began Sandra. "First of all he is about the only fox in Knothole, I happen to find him very attractive, sure he's a wimp but he actually has great potential to be more tough, he was also the only one to remember my birthday. He gave me a little sculpture he had made out of clay! I've still got it! That enough for ya?"

"Come to think of it you do have a point!" Said Bunnie.

Anything Sandra may have said next was drowned out by a piercing scream. It was definitely Antoine's scream!


The sound came from his hut. All three rushed over and tried to open the door! It was locked. Antoine's screams became more frantic.

"Get out the way!" Yelled Sandra. She ran up to the door and landed a kick just by the handle. It flew open and Sandra burst in. What she saw was pretty intense. However she only got a glimpse before she could not longer see anything. Her tail had swung round and covered her face. She moved it and leapt right into the inferno.

Antoine was running round the room as fast as he could with Sally hot on his heels. The fur covering Antoine's right leg was drenched with blood but the pain was not enough to stop him trying to get away. Sandra tackled Sally around the waist but Sandra was shocked when Sally tore her off and threw her across the room like a pillow.

"Uff!" Said Sandra as she hit the wall on the opposite side!

"Sorry Sal, but one day you will forgive me!" Sonic leapt into the room and landed a well aimed slap at Sally's middle and she collapsed, winded.

Antoine was hysteric and grabbed on to the nearest thing to where he had fallen. Sandra's tail! Then after just a split second decided he needed something bigger and grabbed onto her!

"Hey, get off!" Sandra tried to push the terrified Antoine off but he just grabbed on tighter. "Hey get this loser off me!" But secretly she was enjoying it.

After a few minutes of struggling and no help from the others she adopted a new strategy and started to whisper and coo to him until he finally had calmed down enough to let go. In fact during the time she was trying to get Antoine off nobody could help her. Bunnie was screaming her head off. Sonic was trying to come to terms with what he had done and the bruised Sandra was trying to restrain Sally who was now almost recovered.

“Get her away from me!” Wailed Antoine who was trying to find something else to grab onto while holding the bleeding section of his leg at the same time. Bunnie came to his aid and sat down beside him and used her biological hand to put pressure on the cut. After Antoine’s initial shrieks and protests he calmed down. By now the commotion had got just about every animal in knothole running to the scene.

“Hey, help me!” Screeched Sandra. “I can’t keep her down much longer!”

“Antoine,” Said Bunnie “I need to help Sandra, I’ll be back.”

She pulled away from Antoine who was pretty reluctant to let go. With the help of her cybernetic attachments restraining Sally was no problem.

“Oh, what have I done!” Said Sonic looking down at the helpless and screaming Sally.

“Where the (expletive deleted) is Bookshire!” Yelled Sandra, her choice of words certainly attracted attention because a few seconds later the raccoon came running through the door with a medikit.

Bookshire’s first reaction was to run to Sally but then he noticed Antoine was bleeding and rushed over to him.

The rest of the night was a jumble of panic and confusion and cursing.

"Can I have another please?"

"But, Sally that is your 3rd cup!" Exclaimed Rotor.

Sally frowned. After the riot she had clamed down and was taken back to her hut. After a troubled night, in which she had several nighmares, Sally woke to the sound of Rotor's voice and the smell of coffee. She was sitting on her bed drinking yet another cup of the caffine rich liquid.

"Why don't we just inject it into you?" Joked Rotor.

"What happened?" Sally asked her eyes tired and dark.

"I think you can remember!" Rotor continued when Sally did not respond. "Sandra, flying through the air at you."

"That rings a bell!" Sally rubbed her middle.

"Don't worry you got a few hits in!"

"Oh my, how's Antoine?"

"He's making progress."


"Please Antoine," Cooed Bunnie, "Calm down."


"Shut the hell up!" Yelled Sandra.


Antoine had to be sedated and as soon as he woke up after the night before was possesed by a state of hysteria. His hut was a complete mess so Bunnie 'invited' him to stay the night. He tossed and turned like his life depended on it. Bunnie got no sleep a nd had he continued she would have probably knocked him out!

"Antoine, dere is someone who wants ta see ya but ya have ta calm down." Said Bunnie, she then added quickly, "It's not Sally!"

"Ummm, OK!" Stuttered Antoine.

Sonic stepped into the room followed by Tails.

"Hi there Ant!" They both said in unison, quite obviously rehearsed.

"Same to you!" Antoine replied.

"Antoine, all reports are in, Sally's nuts!" Said Tails.

Sonic nudged Tails.

"Actually NICOLE has something to say about this." Said Sonic.

"What?" replied Antoine.

"Don no." he shrugged. "But she wants everbody to hear it."

Later that day, all the freedom fighters including Sally gathered in the briefing room. Antoine positioned himself at the opposite end of the room to Sally and avoided her glances religiously. Just incase anything else happened Bookshire had a needle load ed with a mild sedative.

"Do you wish me to begin Sally?" Asked NICOLE.

All eyes turned to face her.

"Ummm, sure!" Replied Sally.

"I presume you have all heard about the message." Began NICOLE.

Everyone nodded.

"Some of you may also know about the subliminal messages implanted within the pattern. It is now clear how they are affecting Sally. The messages contain code to produce false Emotions and in Sally's case she was tricked into believing she loves Antoine. The reason why she was so agressive and strong was because of instability in the production of chemicals in her mind. Infact if we learn how to reproduce these chemicals it could be possible to make a temporary strength enhancement. Unfortunatly the messa ges contain an error, it makes brain cells stop dying so quikly but instead they become non-functional. At the present rate of this disease Sally will be dead in 8 hours."

"NO! SALLY!" That was Sonic.

"Oh my!" Whispered Sally. "That explains the headaches."

Tails ran up to Sally and hugged her.

"Sally," He sniffed. "Don't leave me. "

Sally embraced the young fox and then set him down.

"NICOLE!" Shouted Sally. "I thought I told you if this ever happened to tell me first!"

"Sandra overwrote my root programming Sally."

Everyone looked at Sandra.

"Hey, I thought we all needed to know!" Protested Sandra.

Sally walked up to Sandra and punched her hard in the head. Sandra collapsed barely conscious. Bookshire immeditaly got the needle ready.

"You stick that in me, I'll stick that chair in your head!" She yelled.

Bookshire backed away slightly.

"Oh, no it's happening again!" Ejaculated Rotor.

Sally was suddenly enveloped in a wave of super cooled water. And she collapsed to the wooden floor, dripping and covered with ice crystals.

"Got ya!" Said Dulcy.

Bookshire ran up to Sally and injected the sedative.

"She's getting far too unstable," Said Bookshire. "Best keep her in a room somewhere."

"No, Sally!" Sonic pushed Bookshire away from her. He held the cold Sally up to look him in the eyes. "Sally don't do this to me." But her eyes were alien.

"NICOLE!" Said Antoine, who had started to come out of a corner. "Iz zer being a way to stop thiz."

"I was going to continue, but I was interuppted!" Stated NICOLE.

Rotor, Bookshire and dulcy lifted Sally out of the hut and took her to her own hut and locked her inside. Sally was far to exhausted to put up any resistance and she only moaned.

Sonic was sat down in the briefing room on a stool, moaning to himself. Sandra was being tended by Bunnie. Antoine just stood there looking dumb.

Rotor broke the silence.

"OK NICOLE, you can continue."

"The best probable reason for Robotnick making the virus to infect Sally is because we know for sure he has a D.N.A...."

"What are we waiten' for?" Interrupted Sonic. "Tell me what to do to save her!"

"Please Sonic, I can understand you are distressed but please bear with us." said bookshire. "Please continue NICOLE."

"Has a D.N.A sample of her. We know this because of the incident in which she was cloned." Tails shudered, he had kissed Sally's bio-mechanical double. "Clearly he was unable to get a D.N.A sample for anyone else. Sally's condition can be reversed by pro ducing a similar message however I need the source code for the program. A team will need to go to Robotroplis and retrieve this code. Since we have missed out on raids and information retrieval Robotnick could have anything in store and caution is advi sed."

"I guess it's settled then!" Said Sandra.

"Who do you want with you?" Asked Bookshire.

"Remember!" Broke in Bunnie, "That it can't be too big. Buttnick's bound to suspect something!"

Sonic sat down and thought. Antoine was automatically out! Wait a minute why? In the last couple of raids he had shown improvement. As long as he was away from the carnage he could manage communications. Also during the time of Sally's illness he and Anto ine had understood each other a little bit better and got slightly closer. Why not give him a chance?

"Antoine and....." Started Soinc.

'Should I go for Rotor, Bunnie and Bookshire, or how about, Sandra and Dulcy, Is this going to be a mission of force or of stealth?'

You Chose This...

>From their briefing, all four could gather that this was going to be a reasonably straight forward mission. The only thing that they had to do was to plug NICOLE into any uplink and she could try and find the appropriate piece of information. It was howe ver shadowed by the fact that Robotroplis had been so quiet lately indicating that Robotnick was up to something. They carried little as the party set off. The rest of knothole bade them fairwell. Sally incidently had become so violent that she had to be kept constantly sedated. Her condition was worseing.

The party walked off through the great forest heading in the direction of Robotroplis. It was hardest on Sonic because running was second nature to him. He kept clenching and unclenching his fists and pacing from side to side nervously. Finally he could not take it anymore.

"Wh'ad a we wait'n for?" He yelled, suprising the others. "Sally's dying as we speak!"

"Sonic, we are makin progress, we need to stick together." Replied Bunnie.

"Look, this is enough I'm juicin'!" Sonic went into the usual routine of reving up his legs.

"No SONIC!" They screamed, but there was no stopping him and he had sped off into the distance.

"Whoa!?" Said Antoine "He was not even taking NICOLE!"

"Don't worry, he'll realize and come crawling back!" Said Bookshire confidently.

"No." Replied Rotor "he'll be running!"

After another worrying hour of trecking through the forest they heard another Sonic boom. Sonic pulled up infront of them.

"Well well well, what do we have here!" Said Bookshire.

"Very funny!" Breathed Sonic. "I suppose you also find the fact Sally is dying funny?"

"Hilarious!" Said Antoine, he made a great attempt to use sarcasm but ended up saying it with conviction.

Sonic gave him a funny look,

"Ar'nt ya the one who lusted after her for about half your life?" Sonic asked.

"No!" Said Antoine, this time saying it sarcastically and wanting to be serious.

Sonic gave him an even more queer look!

"C'mon lets go!" Said Sonic and began to trudge of into the distance with the others in tow.

"Hey, Rotor-hunny!" Bunnie spoke to get his attention.

"Hey, Bunnie-hunny!" Rotor mimmicked her accent. Bunnie ignored it.

"Ya know that saying 'Treat Others As You Would Like To Be Treated Yourself'?"


"It's like a paradox or somethin'!"

"What's wrong with it?"

"If I wanted ta commit suicide I would want other people ta kill ma. Then that rule states I could go around knifing people, I'd be treating 'em like I would want-ta be treated!"

"Your nuts!" Replied Rotor.

"Well it's true!"

"Hey!" Antoine joined the conversation, "I have always wanted a girl to be coming up and kissing me, pa-ss-ion-atl-y! So I guess I should be treating you the way I am wanting to be treated!"

Antoine approached Bunnie arms open!

"Ah, wait a sec!" Wailed Bunnie, "No! NO!"

"Awww!" Antoine mocked dissapointment.

"C'mon Antoine, what about ya first kiss?"

"What, first kiss?"

Bunnie then realized in an instant how Antoine had ended up so concited. He was starved of affection. He had no-body to relate to and certainly no girls to relate to. Bunnie thought of all the times where she had laughed at Antoine's lame attempts to impr ess Sally, given the circumstance nothing else could have really have been expected of him.

Sonic was interesting too. He certainly had very stong possesive feelings concering Sally. It was definatly more than something he had pulled to increase his social standings. His weakest point was the fact that he thought of himself too highly. Many a ti me Sally had become thoughraly sick of him. But that was love for you.

It was not fair that no-one was able to really appreciate Antoine for what he was. Something clicked in Bunnie's mind. Of course! Antoine and Sonic are exactly the same. They are both boastful, egocentric, self-centered, yet at the same time they both hav e the potential for good. The reason why people appreciated Sonic and not Antoine was becase Sonic had the speed and charisma. Antoine was simply unlucky.

At that point, Bunnie could have gone up and kissed Antoine all he wished, but it would only play with his desires. Sandra perhaps would show him a thing or two later. As for Antoine's cowadice, that was merely the product of so many years of rejection.

Bunnie's thoughts were broken by the sound of NICOLE'S voice.

"Entering Robotroplian sensor radius, do you wish me to jam long range scanners."

"Yes, NICOLE." Replied Bookshire.

There were a few bleeps and a hum and then NICOLE was silent again.

( The jamming signal worked both for and against the user. A viewer looking on the scanner screen would be able to see a large fuzzy patch that was jammed and it normally extended for over 20 miles. While not being able to see what was contained the viewe r would know you were there somewhere within the jammed area. At this range however long range sensors could not detect anything larger than a body with a size of at least 20 metres. Therefore at the moment it was not necessary. Bookshire had ordered the jamming signal to commence because strong energy sources show up particularily well. If Sonic was to run off again the cover would be blown, and NICOLE was also fairly detectable.)

"Well," Said Sonic, "He knows w're here now!"

Bunnie smiled remembering just how long it had taken to explain the jamming thing to Sonic. He did finally get it thought. After about three weeks!

Many hours later, the group had walked right up to one of the Robotroplian walls. Thanks to NICOLE turrets were off line but there was a lot of activity. SWATbot patrols were increasing and many hover ships patrolled the area above.

Getting in was as easy as always. They climbed into one of the many air ducts. Despite most of the machines in Robotroplis being anorobic many of the air vents were still intact although there was no use for them. To prevent prisoner escapes each cell now had an independent oxygen supply provided by carbon dioxide filters in the corners.

As usual Bunnie made a lot of noise in the air duct, but she could not help it anyway. It seemed almost too easy. They found an acess port built into the exit of one of the ducts. Rotor placed NICOLE by the port and she began to access it by magnetic wave s.

Suddenly there was a load hum which stopped a few seconds later.

"Massive gravitational disruption detected." Said NICOLE.

"Sure it's not just a hover ship or a spy orb?" Asked Rotor.

"Negative Rotor, hover ships and spy orbs do not produce gravitational fields of this magnitude."

"Exactly how powerful is this source?" Asked Bunnie.

"In which unit of measurement, g force, wavelength stretch or particle-antiparticle density."

"P.A.D." Said Bookshire.

"150,000,000 per square metre per second, rate of pair escape is 90%"

"Not that strong then?" Asked Rotor.

"No."Confirmed NICOLE. She gave out another beep signifying the fact that one of her tasks was complete. "I have located message source code, compiling antidote, estimated time to completion one hour and thirty two minutes."

"Great!" Exclaimed Sonic. "Give me NICOLE and I can get back to Sally!"

"Wait!" That was Antoine's voice. "Thiz waz too eazy, NICOLE, could Robotnick uze whatever he is dezinging to track uz?"

"Yes Antoine, there is a 40% chance that with a field that strong he could locate us even when we are jammed. However it is unlikely to be a scanner."

"We need to find out what it is!" Said Bunnie.

"We have to help Sal!" Protested Sonic.

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You Chose This...

"Seems easy huh?" Said Sandra to Bookshire. "Just get NICOLE to any acess port and she can hack her way in."

"Well, it might not be that easy, Robotnick's had a break from us lately and that means he could have accomplished anything."

"Suppose so." Replied Sandra, "One thing I don't get, why's Antoine coming?"

"You know I dont have a clue!" Replied Bookshire, "Sonic keeps insisting Antoine should go and I suppose it is his girlfriend who is dying so he gets the final word."

"Are you sure it's a good idea?"

"Well, he might not help out very much but he probably won't get in the way."

"I'm ready!" That was Dulcy's voice from outside the window. "All aboard."

Sandra and Bookshire both stepped outside, Antoine stood beside Dulcy looking nervous. Sonic had already taken up his position on Dulcy's harness.

"Hey Ant," Sonic Called Down. "Why'ar'ya so nervous?"

"Height givez me the errr, shiverz!" Replied Antoine. "Do I have to come?"

"Anoine I really think this would do you good." Said Bunnie who was close by.

"I have heightaphobia! I can't be doing it!" Antoine paused, "Zer iz no way at all that you can be making me fly on zat dragon!" He observed Dulcy's hurt expression."No offense to you."

"Antoine please!" Said Sonic. "Ya can't be a wimp for the rest of ya life!"

"Shut up!" Replied Antoine.

"Hold it!" Broke in Sandra, "Let me try!"

She walked over to where Antoine was standing and put her her hands on his shoulders and tried to look as seductive as possible.

"Listen Antoine!" She started. "Please go with us, me!" It was a very good attempt and Antoine felt rather bubbly.

"NO!" He answered back.

Sandra decided there was a better way of doing this.


That was all she needed to say and the wailing Antoine rushed off and climed into the second pouch of Dulcy's harness. There were only two so Sandra would have to share with someone.

"Here's NICOLE." Said Rotor and he handed Sandra the small computer.

Sandra climed up into Antoine's pouch.

"Pleaze do not be hurting me!" He wailed.

"Move over I'm not going to hurt you!" She sat beside Antoine who was almost paralysed with fear.

Dulcy beat her wings and lifted off the ground in a cloud of dust. Antoine looked over the edge as the tree tops dissappeared beneath them. He felt sick! All the residents of Knothole looked up and waved encouragement.

"I am not liking zis!" He wailed.

"What scares you more, height or me?!" Said Sandra.

Antoine became quiet again. 'Why in the name of all that is stupid did Sonic bring Antoine along?' Sandra thought to herself. 'He could bring the whole thing down!'

"Sandra?" Antoine tried to get her attention.

"WHAT!?" Sandra yelled into his face.

"You know I really, really am hating you!" Antoine sobbed.

'Aw nuts!' Thought Sandra. 'Now I feel guilty!'

"Oh Antoine, I'm sorry, I like you ya know, please forgive me." Sandra forced the apology from her between her lips.

"Why should you be liking me, name one good thing about moi!" Antoine stated angrily.

Sandra thought for a few seconds and was about to say something along the lines of, "Can't think of any but I still like you!" or "I can understand you some of the time." However something stopped her and she spoke the following.

"Your handsome, smart, fun to be with, caring, non-conventional, untouched and ready for something better than what you have."

Had Antoine been a lump of butter he would have melted on the spot. Sandra had spoken in a sweet gentle and innocent voice, something that Antoine had never ever heard from her before. He felt a strange and unusual sensation, in a way he felt frustrated but at the same time light and bubbly.

"What about me?" She half whispered to Antoine.

Antoine was almost too shocked to answer, he managed to get out one word.

"Bbbbbb,bbbb,bbbbeaaautiful!" He did not stutter and the whole word was unbroken.

'Well," Thought Sandra, if it needs to be done now is the time.

Antoines heart beat, from his perspective, almost seemed to merge with that of Dulcy's steady wing beats. Sandra turned to face him. She slowing moved her right arm up over his shoulder and underneath his muzzle. She gently pulled his face forward until it was just an inch away from hers. Antoine could not resist her gentle movements. She cocked her head to o ne side and theirs lips touched. Antoine opened his mouth instinctively and he felt sandra's tounge push into it. It was slick with saliva and passed easily over the roof of his mouth. The sensation was completely different to anything that Antoine had ev er experienced before and he almost fainted from the incredible pleasure he was gaining. Antoine hung limp in Sandra's arms as she hooked her mouth even futher over his muzzle. All the frustration and envy and neglect that Antoine had seen over the years meant absolutely nothing now nad melted away, as his awareness did. The only things in the world now were him and Sandra and what they shared. Even the ever present beating of Dulcy's wings grew faint in his mind. Sandra took her mouth away from Antoine's and let him fall out of her arms and into the pouch.

Antoine was completely prostate and unable to converse. He just stared at Sandra with an expresion that had absolutely no meaning, however one messge rang out through his almost unreadable face, "Thank you Sandra."

No more words were needed for the time being and none would have been said if Dulcy hadn't innterupted the aftershock of Antoine's greatest ever moment.

"Heh, ya awfully quiet back there, how about a little conversation?"

Fortunatly Sonic came to Antoine and Sandra's rescue.

"Sure, Dulce, what-cha wanna talk about?" Sonic seemed unusually calm and in control and Dulcy was suprised.

While Dulcy and Sonic began a strange conversation on whether or not a Rabbit could swim, Antoine regained enough composure to speak to Sandra.

"Why now?" He asked.

"I thought I was too good for you, for too long, all my life I haven't really been short of male attention, found it more of an annoyance than a blessing. But since I sided with the freedom fighters it just seemed to stop, I began to get frustrated, prete nded that I was too good for everyone and tried to live with it under that philosophy. For most of the time I was too wrapped up in spying around Robotroplis to think about serious romance or even seeing another male. But I was lonely Antoine, you were l onely too and I felt for you. I knew that we shared common problems and that maybe we could make it work. " Sandra whispered.

"I don't know how we are going to find out Sonic!" Said Dulcy halfway through her conversation with Sonic. "Throw Bunnie into a lake, that should be interesting!"

"She'l sink!" Said Sonic, "Those parts ain't floats!"

"Ha!" Said Dulcy suddenly, "Why not make her some new parts? Ya know robotic, but realistic looking?"

"Hey Dulce that ain't a bad idea!" Sonic continued, "Maybe she'll float then."

"Maybe we can persuade her to go skinny dipping!" Said Dulcy.

"Perhaps," Said Sonic. "That body suit would probably shrink in the water and strangle her! Good idea."

"D'ya think she'll scream if we throw her in?"

Sandra broke the conversation.

"Sonic, Dulcy, why are you talking about throwing Bunnie into a lake naked?!"

"Ya know what Sandra," Said Dulcy, "Your right we're completely nuts!" Dulcy continued. "Maybe we could find out if a squirrel can swim."

The affect of Sonic was absolutely electric.


"Sorry!" Dulcy seemed to shrink.

"This is absolutely insane!" Said Sandra, "Both of you, get a grip."

NICOLE broke the silence." We are being scanned by long range censors, do you want me to jam or cloake?"

"Cloake," Replied Sandra.

NICOLE began transmitting false data into Robotroplis that would hide them from all screens and the prying eyes of Snively and Robotnick.

All of a sudden there was a loud hum, and in the distance under the dark cloud of pollution hovering over Robotroplis there was a flash of bright light.

"What the whoa-ha was that!?" Said Dulcy in Bunnie fashion.

"Massive, gravitational disruption detected." Said NICOLE.

"How stong, in g's." Asked Sandra.

"567 g's Sandra." Replied NICOLE.

"What in the world is Buttnick up to now?" Sonic called from the other side of Dulcy's back.

"Maybe we should find out," Said Dulcy, "Might be a threat."

"What about Sally?!" Said Soinc.

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