Mobian Science Section

of the

Central Library

Here in the Mobian Science Section you'll find assorted information files regarding various scientific aspects of Mobian life and technology. This isn't just guess work either. All the ideas presented here are perfectly sound, at least in my mind, otherwise they wouldn't be here.

The Robotizizer
It's an impressive piece of piece of work to be sure, but just how does it work? Why did Bunnie life through only a partial Robotization? How does it replace flesh with metal? Good questions...this text has good answers. Author: R
Princess Sally has a portable computer that almost any computer buff on Earth would kill to have. A computer you can talk to, ahve it talk back and do a gazillion things while it's doing it. But what powers it? Is NICOLE even sentient by our definitions of the word? Read and find out. Author: R
Sonic's Speed
Well, we all know that Sonic T. hedgehog is the fastest living creature on Mobius. I mean Earth cheetahs don't have anything on this guy. But did you ever wonder jsut how he starts and stops so fast without killing himself? How he performs tose lethal Sonic spins? And just how DO Power Rings work? Once again...good questions...the text has good answers. Author: R