Universe #2


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Universe #2
Universe #2. I've arranged all stories here to be in chronological order to give some sense of continuity to them. All stories listed may be considered to have happened all on the same Mobius.
Tails' Tale
In this story, we find out how Tails first joined the freedom fighters. Author: Bookshire Draftwood
Bunnie's Bad Day
Here we have a story about Bunnie's sweet sixteen birthday. Robotnik has a present for her that she won't soon forget. Author: Holly-B Kraft
When a Bunnie Meets a Bunnie
Anybody remember the comic issue where Sonic and company fought against their evil doubles? Well, guess what. Now it's Bunnie's turn when she and her evil double exchange places and find out what the other's life has been like. Author: Dan Drazen
Vixen in the Labyrinth
The freedom fighters must escape from Robotnik's labyrinth with a little help from some new friends. Author: Holly-B Kraft
The Newcomer
You've heard it all before, but not quite like this...this time, through one of Robotnik's experiments, a human is dragged across the universe and deposited on Mobius. Will he be able to fit in among the freedom fighters in face of creatures who don't trust humans? And what secrets does the comet that brought him here hold for his future? Author: Ryan Huber
Tricks of the Trade
Ryan teams up with Sandra nightweaver again. this time, she takes it upon herself to educate ryan in the ways of her profession, when a run in with Packbell changes everything. Author: Ryan Huber
Keeping the Faith
Ryan spends the next few days, dealing with the knowlege emparted to him by Sandra Nightweaver, while conducting experiments with his new body and still dealing with the prejudiced minds of certain Freedom Fighters. Author: Ryan Huber
Silent Night
Ryan's first Christmas on Mobius. As the Freedom Fighters celebrate the season, Ryan's thoughts turn to another who will be alone for christmas... Author: Ryan Huber
The Other Side
Packbell's revived his neural uploading experiment and now, after a few modifications, he's got his sights set on Ryan for a test subject. Author: Ryan Huber
The Seminar
I this "post Doomsday" story, Rotor deals with missing his family while Tails gets a taste of romance. Author: Holly-B Kraft
Tails is at THAT age and finding somebody to talk with him about the facts of life is a hard thing to do. And yet, through all the peoiple he asks, he gets attention from the last person he'd ever expect. Author: Lex Concord