Universe #1


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All of these stories are based on characters created by Service and Games (SEGA), and on characters created by Archie Comic Publications, Inc.

Universe #1 as defined by myself, Bookshire Draftwood. All stories listed here take place on the same planet Mobius and are listed in chronological order
Character Profiles
This file contains the profiles of three original characters that I developed for my story series: Bookshire Draftwood, Cmdr. Packbell, and Sandra Nightweaver. Author: Bookshire Draftwood
Happy Solstice
A story that tells the true meaning of the Solstice Holiday celebrated by Mobians everywhere. Todd and his mother spend a happy solstice together a year before the coup. Author: Bookshire Draftwood
Capture the Flag
From the author who brought us "Bloodlines" comes this new story which tells of the lives of the Freedom fighters BEFORE they were Freedom Fighters. It's the time when they're 10 and the time when an unforeseeable event forces them into maturity. Author: Dan Drazen
First Honor
The time of First Honor approaches. A time when Mobians give thanks to their mothers for giving them life. Unfortunately, Sonic's got a problem with it, and it's driving everyone crazy. Author: Dan Drazen
Bunnie Rabbot
In this story we find how Bunnie Rabbot was first robotizized. Author: Bookshire Draftwood
Pangolin Problems
IN this story, we meet Gabriel Williams. A creature who confuses everyone in both Robotropolis and Knothole with his ability to constantly change sides. Author: Michael Szal
Robotnik has created microscopic nanites to infect and kill the freedom fighters. Author: Michael Szal
Ill Will
Tails and Princess Sally are taken prisoner by Dr. Robotnik. On top of that, Tails is seriously ill. Can Sonic rescue them before it's too late? Author: Bookshire Draftwood
Merry Christmas
In this story, originally written in Dec. '94, while the freedom fighters celebrate the holidays, Robotnik's forces have almost discovered the location of Knothole. Author: Bookshire Draftwood
It's the epic, 12 part adventure that held the attention of the Sonic mailing list for weeks! Click on the title to read this wonderful story. Author: Dan Drazen
The Temporal Syndrome
In this epic adventure, Sonic and Sally race through time and space to save the planet of Mobius, not only from Robotnik, but from a mysterious alien probe as well. Author: Shawn Wolski
A Matter of Trust
Sonic gets a blast from the past when he bumps into an old friend in Robotropolis. But this old friend's people have got serious arguments with the house of Acorn and they mean to settle them. Where do Sonic's loyalties lie, and will this confrontation force Sally to defend the honor of her heritage? Read on! Author: Dan Drazen
On My Mother's Grave
The freedom fighters meet a fox named Todd with a painful past and a dept to repay. When Tails is kidnapped, he's the first to go and rescue him...will he come back? Bookshire Draftwood is writing a revision of this story based on Kris Kelley's Originally work. No date has been determined on when it will be available.
The Storm
The Freedom Fighters, Packbell, Robotnik, and Sandra Nightweaver must all brace themselves for a worldwide hurricane of intense proportions. They each deal with it in their own way and have a couple near death experiences along the way. Enjoy! Author: Bookshire Draftwood
The Power of Love
This is a story of romance. It's the story of Bunnie and Rotor as they admit their love to one another. Author: Bookshire Draftwood Co-Author: Morgan Ingersoll
Space Case
Another superb story from legendary (Yes, Dan, legendary) Sonic fanfic author Dan Drazen! Check the Synopsis at the beginning for detailed info! Author: Dan Drazen
The Experiment
In this story, the evil Packbell has developed a terrible machine to unleash on the world. Will the Freedom fighters be able to stop him from using it? Author: Bookshire Draftwood
The Body in Question
It's the Freedom Fighters' latest attempt to derobotize Bunnie...by using DNA records to reconstruct the robotizized parts. Unfortunately, when Sonic screws up and grabs the wrong DNA record...Bunnie gets someone else's body...and she wants her old one back. Author: Dan Drazen
Seeing Stars
(Pre Doomsday) Mobius has unseen visitors, and Robotnik has something that belongs to them, prompting one of them to enlist the help of the Freedom Fighters to take it away from him. Author: Pat Carson
Sir Kain's Story
The story of a human named Eric, dragged across time and space to the world of Mobius due to a freak accident. How will he adjust to his new life? Author: Eric Goodwin
Starship Down
An alien vulpine life form from a long dead planet journeys to Mobius to explore and learn about the inhabitants...but instead, eventually ends up staying a *little* longer than he planned... Author: Joseph De LaCroix
The Ring of Truth
The Alien vulpine known as Joseph settles into life in the Great Forest, but events soon force him to realize a number of secrets behind the origins of Robotization and the legendary power rings... Author: Joseph De LaCroix
This Island Floating
YES! Knuckles' first appearance in Fanfiction. This story might be slightly gruesome for younger readers and those with very sensitive attitudes. It's a good story, though, just the same. Author: Joseph De LaCroix
My Brothers Keeper
In this story we watch as Tails must overcome his prejudice towards robots and adjust to the presence of an artificial life form designed by Rotor and Bookshire. Author: Shawn Wolski
Evolution of a Predator
In this story, we watch as the artificial life form, David Prower works to improve himself in more ways than one. Please read 'My Brother's Keeper' before reading this. Author: Shawn Wolski
Everything Changes
Everything is right. Lotsa stuff happens here. Joseph and Sonic come close to killing Snivelly, Packbell and some aliens lurk in the background, and Joseph's experimenting with a new body. Check it out. Author: Joseph De LaCroix
Heart of Snow
As the Winter Solstice approaches, Joseph and Sandra Nightweaver meet for the first time. Is it love at first sight? Don't ask me, read the story. Author: Joseph De LaCroix
A Cold Shoulder
Joseph and Sandra are back, and Sally's not too happy that they're together. Will she try to separate them or come to understand that Sandra's changed her ways? Author: Joseph De LaCroix
Knuckles pops up once again after he tries to get his bearings after awakening in in Robotropolis after Doomsday. Meanwhile, Joseph's at work on the de-robotizizer while Sandra explores on her own and considers her own feelings for Joseph. Author: Joseph De LaCroix
Part One of Two: Rotor finds Sally's replica (from 'Hooked on Sonics', I believe) in a junk pile and wants to rebuild her. Vision shows up in his own way to give Sally advice on the subject. Read Part Two to see what happens next... Author: Pat Carson
Sally goes ahead with the rebuilding and Alicia must endure what David Prower did when he was first created to find acceptance among the freedom fighters. Author: Pat Carson
If I Only Had a Heart...
Well, Alicia is accepted for the most part...but she's still a bit too much of a robot. Vision and Joseph decide they should do something about that... Author: Pat Carson
A continuation of awakenings. Joseph runs into some problems with the de-robotizizer and takes a break to tell Sandra about his complex past... Author: Joseph De LaCroix
Work on the de-robotizizer continues, but now Joseph's starting to act strange, and a malfunction in his body could result in him developing some dangerous tendencies. Can Sandra protect herself from this potential danger? Author: Joseph De LaCroix
Tricky Situations
Bunnie agonizes over the fact that the freedom fighters seem to only user her as a tool when some heavy lifting needs doing. In the meantime, Joseph's de-robotizizer is ready for testing. Will it be the answer to Bunnie's prayers? Author: Joseph De LaCroix
Life in Knothole proceeds normally. Bunnie enjoys her new life with her real body, and Tails has questions about lots of things. The peace gets shattered, however, when a sudden accident puts the future of Tails' tails in jeopardy. Meanwhile, an old enemy may be on the verge of returning. Author: Joseph De LaCroix
Tails remains in recovery while Bunnie and Sally agonize over blame. Meanwhile, Sandra and Joseph learn the truth about the dire future that awaits Mobius and it falls into the hands of Sandra alone to decide how it'll all turn out... Author: Joseph De LaCroix
The Verdict
Sandra is driven into depression and frustration over the important decision she must make which will decide the fate of Mobius. Meanwhile, Tails continues his recover while Sally and Sonic over which one of them has to give him 'the talk'. Also, Mobius' enemies continue to plot and plan... Author: Joseph De LaCroix
Joseph and Sandra plan carefully based on the decision they made about Mobius, carefully lining up everything needed to succeed. Meanwhile, Tails finally gets his cast taken off as he begins the next phase of his recovery from his accident a few stories ago. Author: Joseph De LaCroix
Todd has returned. For those of you who don't know the name, read "On my Mother's grave" by Kris Kelley. In either case, when Tails is agonizing over the death of his friend, David Prower develops a plan to bring Todd back to life. Author: Bookshire Draftwood Co-author: Craig Fox
Tails is getting frustrated that he can't go on any of the missions, and so he goes for a walk in the forest. When he meets a strange wolf with strange candy, his world turns upside down. Author: Bookshire Draftwood Creative Consultant: Craig Fox
As the months pass, Sally and the Freedom Fighters still continue to rebuild the planet while steadily fighting against Packbell. meanwhile, Joseph and Sandra finally take their relationship to a more personal and more intimate level. Afterwards, an terrible storm and a tragic accident causes Joe to believe that maybe science isn't always the answer... On top of that...we find that other forces...beyond our comprehension are also at work within the planet and without... Author: Joseph De LaCroix
Summer Days
Joe and Sandra...and actually most of Knothole...spend their day recovering from the violent storm that swept through. However, a storm of a different kind approaches in which bitter enemies meet, traitors are discovered, and Princess Sally has to choose between life and death... Author: Joseph De LaCroix
A Vixen's Thoughts
It's late at night...Sandra has trouble sleeping. She wanders through Knothole, pondering her life, her past, and the world around her... Author: Bookshire Draftwood
The summer heat invades the planet while the war against Packbell rages ever forward, while Joe works on his powers, Sandra watches a movie, and the plot of this entire saga continues to build. Author: Joseph De LaCroix
The war against Packbell rages on as Robotropolis collapses around him. The invasion of Mobius draws nearer and nearer. And Joseph fine tunes the skills he's developed. Meanwhile, Bunnie ponders the fate of the children of Mobius, and Sandra dreams of better times...with a family. Author: Joseph De LaCroix
Apocalypse: The Prelude
It's here, Mobians. The climax of Joseph De LaCroix's first Epic. The fate of all the lives of Mobius is about to be decided on the Eve of the Winter Solstice. This is only Part One. The ending will keep you on the edge of your seat so be patient waiting for Part Two! Author: Joseph De LaCroix
This is it. The final story. The ending of a great series of stories that will wrap up all the loose ends... the danger to Mobius and the fates of Robotnik, Snivelly, Sally, Sandra, Joseph, Sonic and all the others... However, one series' ending is the beginning for another. Life goes on and adventure always comes with it. My information tells me that Joseph isn't finished writing...more adventures are on the horizon. Keep reading. Author: Joseph De LaCroix
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