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Joseph De LaCroix's novels and stories
Here you'll find the complete wealth of stories by Joseph DeLaCroix. Stories from Joseph's first novel can be read individually on the Main Universe Page.
Starship Down
The story of how Jhoeseophae first arrived on Mobius, learned of his connection with the Robotizizer, fell in love with Sandra Nightweaver and saved Mobius from impending doom from his own kind.
Story one of the new set of stories from Joseph De LaCroix. As Mobious recovers from the war and Sally works to put things back together again, Joseph and Sandra are hiding out on the Floating Island with Knuckles. When Sandra learns that Joe is going to travel through time to recover an ancient, and powerful weapon, she isn't about to let him do it alone...
Deus ex Machina
The world of Mobius slowly rebuilds itself... Meanwhile, the AI known as Bahb begins to rebuild itself and King Acorn, accompanied by Ari fight against Nagus s he gets free of the Void. Ari follows...but what happened to the King?

Sadly, this is all we'll be seeing of Joseph De LaCroix. He's announced his retirement from Sonic the Hedgehog and Furry Fandom in general. So, his series shall forever remain unfinished.