The Knothole Chronicles

by John Wainscott -and- Felix Xavier Jinx

Story Notes
Notes and text regarding the story, the author and some other interesting things. Please read FIRST.
Chapter 0 -- The Book's Opening
Includes copyright notices, table of contents, disclaimers and characters borrowed.
Chapter 1 -- Ransom
It's a lazy day in Knothole. Tails is hanging out with his friends aways from Knothole when Robotnik attacks and captures all of his friends. natureally is Sonic to the rescue, but will he get to the rescue in time? Good Question.
Chapter 2 -- April Fools!
Not too long afterwards, April 1st rolls around. Just about everyone has a prctical joke to play and it's always hard to tell who's tricking...and who's for real...
Chapter 3 -- Union
A number of years later when Packbell's in charge and the war rages on, Sonic confesses his undying love for Sally and the two make plans to be married. And as the happy event approaches, Sally has news for Sonic that'll surprise the heck out of him .
Chapter 4 -- Jinx
A cat named felix comes to join up with the Freedom Fighters. Of course, to do so, he has to go on a mission. Will he be able to prove himself worthy of joining the most famous group of freedom fighters in history?
Chapter 5 -- Masquerade
When Bookshire gets his paws on an old SWAT-bot, it doesn't take long to get the idea that Sonic could masquerade around in it and infiltrate Robotropolis completely undetected.
Chapter 6 -- Disaster in Knothole
Taisl begins having dreams about his parents...but are they dreams? Or are they a warning? And if they are, will Tails figure out what's going on before it's too late?
Chapter 7 -- Purple
In a freak accident, Tails' fur turns completely purple! When Bookshire tries an experiment to get it out, Tails gets drunk and the raccoon begins questioning his own skill. There's no time for that, however, because Bookshire's got a date... Oh, and in case you can't visualize it, here's what Tails'll look like...
Chapter 8 -- Traitors
Pacbell's got a new plan. By gathering together a group of Mobians as his army, the freedom fighters'll be hard pressed to fight against their own kind. Taht's Pacbell's thinking...but will it be as hard for Sonic and Co. as he thinks?
Chapter 9 -- Experience
Felix comes up with the idea that Knothole could use a school, so he takes Tails abroad looking for teachers in dozens of cities. Meanwhile, an experimental derobotization technique has been worked out. This comes jsut in time for Pacbell's pending attack which sends the inhabitants of Knothole scrambling for their lives.

Mobian Renaisance
During a trip to Robotropolis after Packbell's death, it turns out he's not dead after all! When Sonic is believed dead, Knothole is shocked, but after he's found alive, it's up to the monarchy to establish an army to destroy packbell once and for all.

For those of you who wanted to know what we looked like, click here. (Before you jump to conclusions, the freak on the right is Felix.)