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Dear Reader:

Hi everyone. Serinthia Kelberry here.

The Knothole Public Library is now closed. Longtime Sonic fans may remember I've threatened to do this before out of some misguided angst or annoyance, but this time it's simply because I feel the ride has come to an end. My site persisted for 14 years on the web. The first two or three of those years, it stood as the de facto site at which to get Sonic the Hedgehog Fanfiction of every sort. These days, though, there are better, more mainstream sites to which you can go.

When I first created the library in 1995, it was because there was no place to put my stories online. Nor was there for any other author. Now there is, and it is at these sites that I now make my home on the web. Sure it's spread out a little bit, but people can still find me when they look for me.

It's been a great run, folks. I really and truly appriciate everyone that's given me support over the years, but it's time for the site to rest. Feel free to look me up where I've made my new homes, and also feel free to read through the massive collections of Sonic and other fanfiction they've managed to amass with no help from me whatsoever.

The site itself shall remain here, untouched, unaltered, and unupdated, really for the foreseeable future. As I was recently reminded, there are those that still look to it as a memory of a past life, and past experiences. The truth is it doesn't cost me anything extra to maintain it. The hosting I pay for serves other purposes and this site doesn't add to the cost. And so here it shall remain. Frozen in time. Take care.

Serinthia Kelberry - May 2010

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Fans United for SATAM Most of the old school fans like myself and Dan Drazen and others requent this site occasionally and they've got lots of wonderful material.

And of course, I can always be reached at [email protected] if you have questions about Bookshire, Packbell or any of my other characters, or you just want to say hi.

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